Sustainability policy

We have an obligation to our employees/contractors, our communities and our customers, and to the environment – to operate in a sustainable manner.

Our sustainability statement:

Sustainability at Paul Hailes Design (PHD) is based on our guiding principles: creating healthy and innovative work environments, reduce operational costs and increase productivity by conserving resources and reducing waste, operating profitably, fostering a culture of involvement in sustainability through employee engagement, and enabling our customers to become more sustainable through their use of our products.

PHD will:

  • Continue to develop digital products designed to enhance the sustainability initiatives of both employees and customers
  • Encourage the amount of digitally produced material, decreasing the need for product packaging
    and shipping
  • Continue to reduce packaging used per unit and continue to procure recycled content where possible
  • Contract with third party providers and suppliers to operate sustainably and to reduce waste
  • Educate employees/contractors on sustainability for both home and work through a combination of employee communication programmes and workshops
  • Encourage the reduction carbon emissions in business and personal travel
  • Develop an ability to measure emissions and continue to work to reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Ensure that we utilise energy responsibly through the implementation of energy efficient projects and by our choice of renewable and alternative sources whenever possible
  • Continue to reduce domestic irrigation water usage

Registered office:
16 Wivenhoe Business Centre



T: 07761 995 189